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The book that will change the Public Debate on GM




‘A gripping account of the human drama, scientific controversy and commercial politics that surround the biotechnology revolution.’

Dr Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy,

City University, London



‘An essential read for those who wish to break the chains of corporate control of the food chain. All you need to know to be effective in resisting the might of the global

agri-business machine.’

Tony Juniper, Director, Friends of the Earth



Published by Earthscan on 10thJuly 2003




‘Don’t worry – it’s safe to eat’ is a familiar phrase said by politicians and scientists to placate consumers, first on BSE and now on genetically modified (GM) food.


Investigative journalist Andrew Rowell’s new book exposes the hidden links between scientists, corporations and the government that have warped policy on three potent issues: genetic engineering, BSE and Foot and Mouth disease.


This timely publication – coming in the middle of the public debate on GM – raises serious concerns about GM. As Britain decides whether to become a GM Nation or go GM Free, the book exposes the myth of the GM revolution and asks searching questions about the safety of GM food. It details how the regulations on GM that are meant to protect us are inadequate and flawed.


Rowell highlights how critical scientists have been continually silenced and effectively marginalised by the “Establishment”. The book finally tells the true story of the Pusztai / GM potato scandal and the on-going Mexican maize GM contamination scandal.


Don’t Worry [It’s Safe to Eat] also tells the story of BSE – how the epidemic is continuing and how critical scientists were silenced during the crisis.  The same happened with the Foot and Mouth crisis as leading scientists were marginalised, as millions of animals were

needlessly slaughtered.


In the last chapter Rowell offers radical solutions to provide safe food and science that works in the public interest.





About the author: Andy Rowell is a freelance writer and investigative journalist with over a dozen years experience on environmental, food, health and globalisation issues. He is also the author of Green Backlash - Global Subversion of the Environment Movement and his numerous articles have been published internationally.





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